Working Air Transports (And More) [TI]
A bug that has been plaguing Tiberian Sun modders for over a decade has finally been fixed, thanks to CCHyper and his unofficial Tiberian Sun patch, HyperPatch! The bug I am talking about of course is the ORCA TRANSPORT bug, which meant that any human controlled airborn transport would be unable to land properly, making the logic unusable. If you are a Tiberian Sun modder, you will understand why this is such a big deal to us and the modding community; I am very pleased to announce that HyperPatch 0.3 is included in Twisted Insurrection Public Beta 5 and so are fully functional airborne transports!

HyperPatch 0.3 was released just over a week ago and is free for anybody to download here on Project Perfect mod. HyperPatch is also the same patch that fixed the dreaded WaveClass errors a long time ago, it also fixes numerous bugs and improves the performance of the original Tiberian Sun executable! It is a must-have for your mod!

In addition to this very good news, a new track has been composed by Speeder of Mental Omega for the Twisted Insurrection Original Soundtrack. This new track is another more energetic beat to add to the already eclectic soundtrack and is already in-game! Please note however that this track may undergo changes and is not deemed final, however, as this version is currently in-game, we are happy to publish it for you all to check out.

Finally, if you missed the update a few days ago about the first look at Public Beta 5's changelog, here is that direct link once again! We are planning to announce the release date soon and I am very excited about the upcoming release, I have very high hopes about it and we don't think that any of you will be disappointed!

That is all for today. Hopefully you will all see the activity picking up during the next few weeks as I (Aro) now have full access to the internet again (I was without it for a while due-to moving house, slowing our progress), though reality constantly eats away our spare time, we put as much time as we can into this project and I will always try my best to keep you all up to date with the latest news!
Posted by Aro at 02:08 - March 26, 2014 - Comments (10)
A First Look at Public Beta 5's Changelog [TI]
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm aware that it has been relatively silent here on the TI boards and pages, but this is a busy time of year for pretty much everybody, getting back on our feet after the Xmas rush, getting back to work, college, school etc. etc. etc. Despite that however, we have been getting plenty of work done where we can.

(Click to view these images in actual size)

I've been working on several bits and pieces during my busy schedule of working, bill-paying and sleeping (and the occasional eating), currenty have four WIP Multiplayer maps that will be finished pretty soon I hope. Lin Kuei Ominae, the Nod structure artist for Twisted Insurrection has lots of work in progress material (which will be shown publicly once complete), ErastusMercy has been working hard on some new voxels, Q45 is finalizing the GDI and Nod campaign and much more.

(The new GDI WASP A.P.C. Image by ErastusMercy)

The main reason for this post is that I would like to share with you the amount of progress that Public Beta 5 has been through since Public Beta 4's release just over a year ago. Our current changelog has a massive total of 1102 Changes so far, and the number will be increasing ever more as we approach the release of Beta 5 later this year. Since the sheer size of the changelog and the amount of text that it contains, I can't post it here (it seems to break posts by cutting off half of the text), so this is a direct link to the current Twisted Insurrection Beta 5 Changelog.

(Click to view these images in actual size)

Happy reading, ladies and gentelmen, or if you'd rather not read it, the release isn't too far off (month of the release is still to be announced), there are just a few more things that we would like to get done first before we make it public. Finally, once the final Public Beta is out of the way, we can crack on with Twisted Insurrection 1.0. One final thing: If you missed the last Twisted Insurrection Live Stream (The Brotherhood of Nod Spotlight), you can view it at any time here!
Posted by Aro at 23:33 - March 06, 2014 - Comments (13)
Live Stream - Brotherhood of Nod Spotlight [TI]
Hello ladies and gentlemen. If you're free Sunday evening, be sure to join myself (Aro) and Hecthor Doomhammer in the next Twisted Insurrection live stream this Sunday at 19:00 GMT (7PM)!

- February 09 2014 - 1900 GMT -

This stream will be a Brotherhood of Nod spotlight, we will be showcasing all of the new and old Nod features and abilities that will be introduced during Public Beta 5. Where I can, I will happily answer any questions that anybody has in regards to the next Public release and any of the latest features.

Follow Hecthor Doomhammer's Twitch channel for updates/reminders and to follow other popular C&C mods including Rise of the Reds, Red Resurrection, Attacque Supérior and Mental Omega.
Posted by Aro at 12:56 - February 05, 2014 - Comments (7)
Twisted Insurrection Invades Steam
Hello, Ladies & Gentlemen! This is going to be a very brief announcement due-to my lack of time at the moment so I will get straight to the point: I would like to inform you all that Twisted Insurrection now has an official page on Steam.

This is very long overdue, but Twisted Insurrection will now be regularly updated over on Steam as well as our many other pages around the web! Steam is a great place to keep up with all of the latest updates and gives you a good opportunity to take advantage of the free Steam group chat function and to arrange games with other plays too, especially if you link the Twisted Insurrection launcher to your Steam Library!

So what are you waiting for? If you have a Steam account, go and join our group!
Posted by Aro at 20:35 - January 22, 2014 - Comments (7)
Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays!
This is just a post to wish all of our fans and followers a very Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays! I hope that the new year brings all of you lots of happiness and good times (and releases for your favourite games/mods).

This has been a fantastic year for the Twisted Insurrection team, despite the very bumpy couple of months during the first quarter, but the good always outweighs the bad. Many good times have been had and much progress has been made on the next release. I'm afraid Public Beta 5 isn't exactly going to be an Xmas present, but hopefully it'll be released much sooner than I've actually planned it to be (we have a big to-do-list).

Despite that however, I have recently been in contact with a famous and talented individual whom Command & Conquer/Westwood fans will be very familiar with, I can't make any promises just yet, but something very good may come of it after Xmas. Smile

Happy Holidays, Ladies and Gentlemen. We hope you all have a great time!
Posted by Aro at 01:43 - December 25, 2013 - Comment (1)


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