Twisted Insurrection 0.39 Released!

- Version 0.39 New Features -

For a complete list of features, minor and major, please read our changelog here. Probably one of the most important features in Twisted Insurrection 0.39 is the new and improved Client, granting you the ability to customize your Skirmish and Online games with loads of new options and tweaks, pre-set teams, locations and alliances on all maps (even with AI players) and have many new game modes to try such as Twisted Dawn, Survival, Meat Grinder, Unholy Alliance, Timeless Insurrection and Ultimate Insurrection.
Loads of options that were not possible before are now available, which will enhance your skirmish and multiplayer experience greatly, allowing you to play the style of match you are looking for, be it a quick relentless war or a long-winded battle with unlimited funds at your disposal. Some of these new options include Build Off Ally, Start Without Shroud, Tiberium-Resistant Infantry, Disable Tiberium Lifeforms, Berzerk Cyborgs, Unlimited Tiberium and Enable Ion Storms. Some screenshots can be seen just above of all of the new client options!

Version 0.39 brings a massive balance overhaul to the mod too implementing lots of feedback provided by staff testing and the public players. The campaign missions have been modified and improved along with the addition of a few more new missions to play, including the Nod Finale. Some new units and structures have been added into the game too, some of which we won't reveal how to acquire just yet.

A list of Twisted Insurrection's top features (old and new):

Head on over to this thread for downloads and installation instructions for the latest version of the mod!

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New Version (PB5.039) Available Next Week

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Today I would like to share with you various images of the update we have been working on since before the new year! As you are aware, it's been quite a busy period for us, we have been very productive recently even though the new year has been problematic thus far for me, but in Twisted Insurrection's case, there is a lot of good news to share!
Most of you will have already seen previews of the new Twisted Insurrection client that is in progress, whether it be on our ModDB page, our Facebook page or if you're just familiar with The Dawn of the Tiberium Age, in this article, I will be showing you a good handful of what is to come!

First of all, the new Skirmish Menu. Along with an obvious and much-needed graphical overhaul, the client has now been fitted with a ton of new features.
Loads of options that were not possible before are now available, which will enhance your skirmish and multiplayer experience greatly, allowing you to play the style of match you are looking for, be it a quick relentless war or a long-winded battle with unlimited funds at your disposal. Some of these new options include Build Off Ally, Start Without Shroud, Tiberium-Resistant Infantry, Disable Tiberium Lifeforms, Berzerk Cyborgs, Unlimited Tiberium and Enable Ion Storms (again, a thank you to The Dawn of the Tiberium Age for that option idea) to name a few. There may be more options available in the future, but these are the ones that will definitely be available in PB5.039.

Note in the screenshot above that there are currently a total of five game-modes available, three of which are already available in the current Twisted Insurrection release (Default, Twisted Dawn and Survival), but will have many major improvements and fixes in the upcoming PB5.039 Update.

Default - The standard and classic Command & Conquer deathmatch style of game. Play however you want by playing around with the new options against human or AI opponents or both.

Twisted Dawn - The same style of play as the Default game mode, but rather than using units and structures from the Twisted Insurrection era, you have units from the Twisted Dawn era at your disposal!

Survival - A fast-paced and chaotic game-mode for those of you that like a little bit of insanity. Defend your Mobile HQ at all costs and collect crates to rally an army to smash your opponents.

Meat Grinder - Otherwise known as "Infantry War", you only have Infantry units at your disposal. There are no armoured vehicles this time around, only soldiers and cyborgs.

Ultimate Insurrection - A Game mode purely developed for those of you cray-cray people that asked for it, Ultimate Insurrection is a deathmatch mode where you can build units from both the Twisted Insurrection and the Twisted Dawn eras. If you like having a ton of units available at once, this mode is for you, but if you're like me and prefer less clutter, stick with the other game modes!

Co-Op Mode - Play with your friends in some challenging, fully-functional co-operative campaign missions! Pretty self-explanatory, right? Unfortunately there won't be any maps ready in time for the release, but Co-Op mode is already implemented and ready to go. Once we create some missions unique to Co-Op mode, we will release another update ASAP!

There will be more game modes to come as time progresses and testing has occurred. If you have any ideas for game modes, please feel free to share, we are always open to more ideas!
The client has a built-in feature to force certain options to be either checked or unchecked depending on the game mode you chose, see this image of Survival Mode for example, being as crates are pretty important here! Also note how more than one player can spawn at the same location on certain maps.

We really need to make some more Survival maps! Anyway, moving along, PB5.039 will include a custom Twisted Insurrection CNCNet Lobby, as opposed to the confusing shared one in the current release. From here you have the choice of viewing players, hosted games and chat rooms on all of the available games hosted on CNCNet. Customize the lobby to how you desire, see Twisted Insurrection only players or see the entirety of CNCNet, it's your call.
This will also include a feature allowing you to launch Dawn of the Tiberium Age from the Twisted Insurrection Client and vice-versa if you decide you would like to join one of their hosted games instead.

The CNCNet lobby has also had some major improvements done to it since the last version, bringing many much-needed features to the table, namely fully functioning kick and ban functions, Private Messaging, menu music etc.
Due-to a chat box being required in the CNCNet game set-up menu, that has also had a redesign to match all of the new changes.

One more note regarding the new and improved client, it is not limited to a fixed size, the menu can be minimised, maximised or stretched to any size you desire. Map previews have all been remade in higher-resolution so that you can have a better look at the battlefield before jumping into the fray blind.
Note that this window is the one you will see from the CNCNet game menu, in Skirmish mode, the map selection screen is where the chat-box is in the image above (or you could just scroll to the top and see the Skirmish window again!).

I hope this clears up any concerns some of you had about Twisted Insurrection's recent silence and I hope you all enjoyed the news. There isn't a set date for the release of PB5.039 yet, but it will definitely be released before the end of this month!
We are looking forward to the release of the next update and hope it will bring a few more players into Twisted Insurrection online! And last, but not least, a big hand to Rampastring for all of his hard-work on the latest version of the client!

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Editors Choice - Community Award

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you to everybody who voted for us in this years Mod of the Year contest. We have won the ModDB Mod of the Year 2014 Editor's Choice - Community Award! Thank you so much, this really is a huge feat for us and I couldn't be happier that our little project has even come close to competing with the big boys, let alone winning the Community Award! Thanks again! You're all awesome!

"We love the community drive behind TI, from the unique posters and fan art to the teams longstanding dedication, we stand up to acknowledge this epic standalone Command & Conquer project." - ModDB

See the Mod of the Year Editors Choice here.

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Version Update and OST Volume 4 Coming Soon

Hello everyone. First of all, thank you to everybody who voted for us this year and helped us reach the Mod of the Year Top 100 finalists for the fifth year in a row! We are really pleased with this feat and we could not have done it without your support. You're all awesome! If you enjoyed our Public Beta 5 release earlier this year and haven't voted yet, please feel free to go ahead and vote for Twisted Insurrection as mod of the year! Simply click the "VOTE" text next to the Twisted Insurrection icon to cast your vote, simple!

Secondly, if you're familiar with the mod Dawn of the Tiberium Age (which by the way is also in the Top 100 for the first time, congratulations to them!) you will be aware that they use the same client and launcher as Twisted Insurrection does, meaning that the recent updates they had will also be coming to our own client once they are ready. This means co-op missions, tons of new options and settings, themes and game-modes (plus many, many more features) will all become a possibility in the near-future, so a big hand to Rampastring for all his hard work on the client and Iran for his hard work with Spawner!
I apologize that there have been no previews of Twisted Insurrection's new client as of yet, but I have been very busy with other things. I plan to take a day off solely to work on new options and features for Twisted Insurrection's next big update, which hopefully won't be too far off. The updated client will be the main feature in the next update (aside from some new music, which I am about to talk about) but will of course feature some other updates such as updated maps, bug fixes etc.

Next on our update agenda, we have some new tracks to add to our Original Soundtrack. Here is the current track listing for Volume 4 of our OST:

It should be noted that some of the names may not be final, by the way! There are currently a total of 6 new tracks since the release of Public Beta 5, some of which are currently still a work in progress, but there are two complete tracks that have just been published on our YouTube channel today, both of which were composed by Speeder of Mental Omega APYR, also the composer of our popular track, Contagion.

Act on Insanity


So there we have it! I am sorry for the silence as of late, but I have been extremely busy recently and hope to get back into the game soon, Mod of the Year normally rekindles my interest! Thanks again to those of you that voted and once again, if you haven't already, please vote for Twisted Insurrection as mod of the year if you enjoyed Public Beta 5! Thank you.

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Twisted Insurrection Reaches Top 100 Mods of 2014

Thank you to everybody who has voted for Twisted Insurrection again this year, thanks to you all we have once again come in the Top 100 mods of the year! We are really thankful for your support.

Like every year, the Top 100 voting begins now! The 50,000 mods have been narrowed down to 100 and it is now time to vote again! Please head on over to this link and cast your vote for Twisted Insurrection (and Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Tiberian Odyssey if you are familiar with those mods, this is the first time they have made the Top 100 mods, so congratulations to them!). To vote, simply click this link and then click the "VOTE" text next to Twisted Insurrection!

Our current set of achievements on ModDB are as follows:

- Upcoming Mod of the Year 2009 - Top 100
- Released Mod of the Year 2010 - Top 100
- Released Mod of the Year 2011 - Top 100
- Released Mod of the Year 2012 - Top 100
- Released Mod of the Year 2013 - Top 100
- Released Mod of the Year 2014 - Top 100

Thanks again for all of your support, Ladies and Gentlemen, we can't believe that after all this time classic Command & Conquer mods are still competing with Generals & Half-Life 2 mods on ModDB!

Look out Top 10, here comes the Sun.

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