Campaign Missions Can Now Be Selected & Played Individually

I am pleased to announce that PB5.038 is up and available for download via the Twisted Insurrection client! After some consideration, I have decided to make selecting individual campaign missions a feature for those of you that are stuck on other missions. This is mainly to prevent those of you that have completed or are half-way through the campaign from starting again to try out the new and or updated missions earlier in the game.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

There is unfortunately a drawback with selecting individual missions instead of playing the campaigns from the beginning and that is that upon completing a mission, it will not launch you to the next correct mission in the sequence but will instead launch the GDI campaign from the beginning. This is an engine limitation that we can't do anything about I'm afraid and this is noted in the client itself before you select the missions.
While it is not a major drawback at all, this is just something that annoys me, but the ability to select individual missions is a highly requested feature so I have made it a possibility, the good outweighs the bad, right?

If you want to play the campaign in it's proper running order, you must select and play either GDI Campaign or Nod Campaign from the top of the list.

Enjoy the update!

Posted by Aro at 23:18 - October 27, 2014 - Comments (2)
A New Update is Available (PB5.037)

PB5.037 Is now available via the Twisted Insurrection client. This update fixes lots of bugs in campaign missions, adds new features to many others and adds a new mission to the GDI campaign which takes place inbetween GDI Mission 3 and 4 (Yes, it's a base-builder). This means that GDI Mission 3 and 4 have also been updated to compensate for the new mission scenario.

(Click to view the image in actual size)

Please note that due-to complications with this update and adding a new mission inbetween current ones, your progress in the campaign will be lost, if you finish a mission you are already on after updating to PB5.037 you may get "Unable to read scenario" errors, this is because the Map selection file is taking an old version into account rather than the version provided with PB5.037 so you will have to begin the campaign again in order for the game to take the new mission and changes into account. We are sorry about this, but there isn't anything we can do to prevent it.

We have made many changes in regards to the difficulty levels of the campaign and we hope this update (which has been a long time coming, we apologize) is to your tastes.

Check the changelog here:

Posted by Aro at 17:32 - October 26, 2014 - Comments (7)
Some Quick Answers!

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I would like to briefly mention a few things in this post to settle some questions I have been receiving on here! First of all, thank you all of you for helping Twisted Insurrection reach over 1,000 likes on Facebook. This is quite a milestone for us considering the lack of popularity that Tiberian Sun / Mods has going for it these days!

Secondly, Twisted Insurrection is not dead or inactive in any way or form (and neither am I). There has been quite a bit of silence for over a month, yes, but this does not under any circumstances mean that the mod development has ceased.
After every major release, I like to take a break from modding and take up something else for a period of time as to avoid losing interest or burning myself out over modding Twisted Insurrection. This is one of my passions and even though we make no profit in working on the mod, we will continue to do so for as long as it remains a fun thing to do.
At the moment, yes, I am on a short modding Hiatus and have taken up Competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for a change of scenery, but I definitely intend to return to modding soon so please don't think that the silence means death, quite the contrary, this is my method to keep myself interested in working on the project.

Last of all, I have some updates to share with you to prove we're not just hiding. We will have our own custom web-domain up and running soon to break away from our URL, this will be arriving in the near-future with a new and improved look with many new features.
Also, those of you who follow our Facebook/Twitter page may be aware of a WIP mission. The mission is now 95% finished and will soon be ready to launch. The patch (PB5.037) will be uploaded soon so that you can all try the new mission and try your hand and many, many updated missions in the campaign, either changes made based on feedback you have provided or some new features added by myself and Q45. Your feedback is important to us and we will implement it where we can, when we can!

Thanks for reading! I apologize once again for the silence and the failure that is me trying to respond to all of your feedback all at once, some of you are providing us with some great information and suggestions but please remember that no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to please everybody, but we sure as hell try!

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Twisted Insurrection PB5 Release Download Updated

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen. I'm just posting to inform you all that the download links for Twisted Insurrection Public Beta 5 have been updated to include the latest updates (the current update as of this post is PB5.035), which I am doing for those of you that seem to be having unusual issues with updating to the latest build via the TI Client.
Since the official release there have been loads of changes and bug fixes applied to the mod all of which are included with this download update, some bug fixes are rather significant ones so I don't want any of you that can't seem to update to miss out on the latest updates.

The download links on our official pages have been updated with this build, so head over to any of our download pages for the latest version.

To install and play Twisted Insurrection, simply extract the folder (Twisted Insurrection PB5) from the downloaded ZIP file and run TI_Launcher.exe to run, update, set up and play Twisted Insurrection. No hassle, no mess, just a simple extract and play!

If you have been able to update your build of Twisted Insurrection successfully, then this is nothing that you should be concerned about. For a view at the full Public Beta 5 changelog and all updates up-to-date, then check out this direct link to the log.

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Smaller Vehicle Graphics Option

While not a popular demand, there has been feedback recently, and in the past, that the current scale of our ground vehicles are too large for the tastes of some players. In an attempt to appeal to those of you that have complained about the unit scale in the past, we have thrown together this new feature that will allow the people whom prefer the vehicles to be of a smaller scale more confined to the games cell size to have what they desire as an alternative to our default scale.
This option will not effect the gameplay in any way and you will be completely compatible online with other players not making use of the feature; It is simply a graphical option that can be turned on or off at your demand.

This option is available in PB5.030 which was uploaded today! For a comparison of some of the vehicles that will be effected by the graphical option, check out this image.

Please note that the larger scale is the default scale, and this will be the case for the rest of the mods development. Is this not to your taste? Simply check the new option! PB5.030's Changelog can be viewed for more information on the patch and previous updates. Enjoy!

Posted by Aro at 03:30 - August 14, 2014 - Comments (8)


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