Editors Choice - Community Award

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you to everybody who voted for us in this years Mod of the Year contest. We have won the ModDB Mod of the Year 2014 Editor's Choice - Community Award! Thank you so much, this really is a huge feat for us and I couldn't be happier that our little project has even come close to competing with the big boys, let alone winning the Community Award! Thanks again! You're all awesome!

"We love the community drive behind TI, from the unique posters and fan art to the teams longstanding dedication, we stand up to acknowledge this epic standalone Command & Conquer project." - ModDB

See the Mod of the Year Editors Choice here.

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Version Update and OST Volume 4 Coming Soon

Hello everyone. First of all, thank you to everybody who voted for us this year and helped us reach the Mod of the Year Top 100 finalists for the fifth year in a row! We are really pleased with this feat and we could not have done it without your support. You're all awesome! If you enjoyed our Public Beta 5 release earlier this year and haven't voted yet, please feel free to go ahead and vote for Twisted Insurrection as mod of the year! Simply click the "VOTE" text next to the Twisted Insurrection icon to cast your vote, simple!

Secondly, if you're familiar with the mod Dawn of the Tiberium Age (which by the way is also in the Top 100 for the first time, congratulations to them!) you will be aware that they use the same client and launcher as Twisted Insurrection does, meaning that the recent updates they had will also be coming to our own client once they are ready. This means co-op missions, tons of new options and settings, themes and game-modes (plus many, many more features) will all become a possibility in the near-future, so a big hand to Rampastring for all his hard work on the client and Iran for his hard work with Spawner!
I apologize that there have been no previews of Twisted Insurrection's new client as of yet, but I have been very busy with other things. I plan to take a day off solely to work on new options and features for Twisted Insurrection's next big update, which hopefully won't be too far off. The updated client will be the main feature in the next update (aside from some new music, which I am about to talk about) but will of course feature some other updates such as updated maps, bug fixes etc.

Next on our update agenda, we have some new tracks to add to our Original Soundtrack. Here is the current track listing for Volume 4 of our OST:

It should be noted that some of the names may not be final, by the way! There are currently a total of 6 new tracks since the release of Public Beta 5, some of which are currently still a work in progress, but there are two complete tracks that have just been published on our YouTube channel today, both of which were composed by Speeder of Mental Omega APYR, also the composer of our popular track, Contagion.

Act on Insanity


So there we have it! I am sorry for the silence as of late, but I have been extremely busy recently and hope to get back into the game soon, Mod of the Year normally rekindles my interest! Thanks again to those of you that voted and once again, if you haven't already, please vote for Twisted Insurrection as mod of the year if you enjoyed Public Beta 5! Thank you.

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Twisted Insurrection Reaches Top 100 Mods of 2014

Thank you to everybody who has voted for Twisted Insurrection again this year, thanks to you all we have once again come in the Top 100 mods of the year! We are really thankful for your support.

Like every year, the Top 100 voting begins now! The 50,000 mods have been narrowed down to 100 and it is now time to vote again! Please head on over to this link and cast your vote for Twisted Insurrection (and Dawn of the Tiberium Age and Tiberian Odyssey if you are familiar with those mods, this is the first time they have made the Top 100 mods, so congratulations to them!). To vote, simply click this link and then click the "VOTE" text next to Twisted Insurrection!

Our current set of achievements on ModDB are as follows:

- Upcoming Mod of the Year 2009 - Top 100
- Released Mod of the Year 2010 - Top 100
- Released Mod of the Year 2011 - Top 100
- Released Mod of the Year 2012 - Top 100
- Released Mod of the Year 2013 - Top 100
- Released Mod of the Year 2014 - Top 100

Thanks again for all of your support, Ladies and Gentlemen, we can't believe that after all this time classic Command & Conquer mods are still competing with Generals & Half-Life 2 mods on ModDB!

Look out Top 10, here comes the Sun.

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Mod of the Year 2014: Vote for Twisted Insurrection!

Twisted Insurrection is up for Nomination as Mod of the Year 2014. Mod of the Year voting will commence for 10 days, after nominations from you are tallied, on the 11th of December the TOP 100 is unveiled and a final round of voting begins for another 10 days to determine the 2014 victor.

Here's a short re-cap of our past Mod of the Year success:

This year has been a very good and productive year for us all on the Twisted Insurrection team, particularly with the release of Public Beta 5 in August. So without further a-do, please hurry head to this link and scroll down and vote!

Remember that you can vote for more than one Mod for Mod of the Year, released or not, so be sure to check out our affiliate pages as well!

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Campaign Missions Can Now Be Selected & Played Individually

I am pleased to announce that PB5.038 is up and available for download via the Twisted Insurrection client! After some consideration, I have decided to make selecting individual campaign missions a feature for those of you that are stuck on other missions. This is mainly to prevent those of you that have completed or are half-way through the campaign from starting again to try out the new and or updated missions earlier in the game.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

There is unfortunately a drawback with selecting individual missions instead of playing the campaigns from the beginning and that is that upon completing a mission, it will not launch you to the next correct mission in the sequence but will instead launch the GDI campaign from the beginning. This is an engine limitation that we can't do anything about I'm afraid and this is noted in the client itself before you select the missions.
While it is not a major drawback at all, this is just something that annoys me, but the ability to select individual missions is a highly requested feature so I have made it a possibility, the good outweighs the bad, right?

If you want to play the campaign in it's proper running order, you must select and play either GDI Campaign or Nod Campaign from the top of the list.

Enjoy the update!

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